The vast majority of the time people think of inputs into a workshop, they’re thinking a PowerPoint on a screen, and a presenter speaking to the content, aka ‘Death by PowerPoint’. The good news, is doesn’t have to be that way! By thinking about what your participants will do with the information you can open up a range of possibilities about how you’ll use that input.

Collaboration and Play

Remember being a kid and spending your days playing? By the time we reach adulthood we divide our lives into times we can play and times we must work. Is that the right thing for us to do? We know that kids use play to learn – but what role can play have for adults?

How to define your workshop

When you’re planning a workshop, there is a strong temptation to get into making your agenda – aka the workshop design. Before you do that, make sure you’re clear on what you’re there to accomplish – you’ll be glad you did!